Yunha Lee
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Day and Night



project date - 2016

Group project - Game design, Ux design, programming



Monopoly is a popular game for a long time. Our team wanted to make a new concept of the Monopoly.

Finding a problem

If someone has a lot of cities, it is hard to make a reversal.


Making more chances for players to enjoy the game.


In order to make a dramatical story, we add a new concept to the original Monopoly game.


During the day, the rules are the same as the original Monopoly. Players buy cities and build buildings. However, during the night, players can destroy other people’s possession. Therefore, a player who has less city can attack the player who has more cities. And this chance makes a reversal.


My roles are managing data, making flowcharts, designing UI, programing day_buying/day_selling function.


Game rules


A. Play the game

B. Rule

C. Production

D. Exit

A. Play the game

1. Select Number of Player: Select the number of people playing the game. (2-4 player)

2. Select the number of turns: Enter the number of turns. (minimum 15turns to maximum 20 turns)

3. Game screen: The map (cities and dices) and user information on the right window

4. Decide the pieces and press space button to throw the dice.

5-1. (DAY) Purchases the city with four options, (1) to (4).

1) Buy a city

2) Build a villa

3) Build a building

4) Build a hotel

5-2. (NIGHT) Purchases the tools with four options, (1) to (3).

1) Shovel



B. Rule

1. ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ transition 

If all the players pass through the start section line six times, it becomes NIGHT.

NIGHT time will end when the last player passes the start point twice.

2. During ‘DAY’

Players can build your own land or sell someone else's land during the day.

1) If the city has no owner

– Buying the city: The city can be purchased if the player pays money.

– Set the Landmark: If the player set the Landmark in the city, other players can’t buy the city even though they have enough money to buy it. Players can build the ‘Landmark’ when they pass through the city for the second time.

2) If the city is owned by another player, the player can either buy the city or pay their tolls.

- Buying the city: When player A’s turn, A can buy other player’s city and properties if the city doesn’t have a Landmark.

- Paying tolls: Player should pay tolls in order to pass the city.

3. During ‘NIGHT’

Players can destroy other's land or raise the price of the empty city.

1) If the city has no owner

- Raising the Land Price: If there is no owner in the city, raise the land price in that area by 20%.

2) If the city has the owner

The player can purchase an item to damage other players’ properties.

-Shovels: Dig the land in the area and price down the land price.

-Excavators: Player can destroy one of the building, hotel or villa in the city.

-Dynamite: Player can destroy villas, buildings, and hotels in the city at once.

4. Special sections function

1) Donations – If this section is empty, a player who arrives this section should put money under the donation section. If this section has money, the player can take it.

2) Festivals – Randomly positioned at the start of a game, 20% added tolls

3) Gold key – Random card

a. Excavator: Player can use this coupon and use Excavator to remove a property for free at night.

b. Escape coupon: Player can escape from the island.

c. Travel around the world: Player can move the piece wherever he wants to go. If the player pass by start section, the player get ₩150,000 when they pass this section.

d. Taxes: Player must pay 10% of the total property.

e. Donations: Player should go to the donation section and can either get money or pay money. If the player pass by start section, the player get ₩150,000 when they pass this section.

f. Free pass: Player can use this card to pass other player’s city for free.

g. Double dice – Player has another chance to throw dice.

h. Travel card– Player can go Airport and travel wherever he wants with this card. If the player pass by start section, the player get ₩150,000 when they pass this section.

5. Data preset and formula

1). Initial capital: Each player start the game with ₩1,000,000.

2). City price (Total: 20 cities)

-Bangkok, Dubai: ₩20,000

- Atene, Berlin: ₩70,000

-Basing, Cairo: ₩30,000

- London: ₩75,000

- Osaka, Sydney: ₩40,000

-New York: ₩80,000

-Hawaii: ₩45,000

- Seoul: ₩85,000

-Roma, Prague: ₩60,000

3) Spectial sections

- Start: Players earn ₩150,000 when they pass this section.

- Donation: ₩50,000 (Either donate, earn money)

- Island – Player can’t play the game for two turns.

- World travel: Players can go to travel wherever he wants.

- Golden key: Players pick up random card.

- Festival city: Festival city is randomly picked when the game starts. The player should pay the double price of toll fee when they pass the city.

4) Purchasing

-Villa: City Price X0.5

-Building: City Price X1.5 Times

-Hotel: City Price X2.5

-Landmark: City Price X3

5) Selling and paying tolls

-The player only can sell their property by 70% of the price.

-Toll: 150% of the land and buildings in the city

6) Item Price

- Shovel: the 5% price of the properties in the city

- Excavators: the 10% price of the properties in the city

- Dynamite: the 80% price of the properties in the city

6. Game Termination condition

1) If total turns that players set up at the beginning are completed, the game ends and the person with the most capital wins.

2) Capital condition

a. If the Player can’t afford tolls, they can sell their properties to the bank and make money.

b. If there is no building to sell, the player can’t participate in the game.

c. The last player who survived wins the game.

C. Production

Hungry Bird (Yunha Lee, Jinkyung Kim, Dongbeom Kuo, Taekbeom Jung)

D. Exit

Finish the game.